1. Can I place underfloor heating panels wherever I want in my house?

Yes, in bedrooms, bathrooms, in the kitchen and in hallways. It works well in any room. However, if thermal insulation of the building envelope that encloses the room is poor, in a conservatory for example, an additional heater may be needed.

2. Why should I choose warm water and not electric underfloor heating?

Warm water heating has a longer service life and is suitable for all heat sources. Today and in the future, the heat source can be selected on the basis of energy price and environmental impact.

3. Can the pipe start leaking?

No. After installing the pipe, a pressurization test should be performed to check if any damages have been caused during the installation. After that, you can then feel confident since the pipes have in accelerated tests proved to last well over 50 years.

4. How are Flooré panels fitted?

Normally, these are bonded to the subfloor with an adhesive. Screws or staples work if a floating flooring material is going to be used as top surface.

5. Can I really set tiles directly onto panels?

Yes, but you need to use products from suppliers that have approved the combination of their products and the Flooré panels, such as Mapei, Alfix, Kiilto, Casco, Weber or Schönox, and follow their instructions. In wet rooms, screed and a moisture barrier have to be applied above the panel prior to setting the tiles. However, when planning the use of tiles, it is always important that the substrate is stable and firm, so sagging suspended floors with wood beams may require stabilization.

6. Do I need a pump and mixing unit?

In most cases, a pump and mixing unit is needed when underfloor heating is to be used in combination with radiators. This unit lowers the temperature of the water in the pipes to a convenient level and sees to that the flow is sufficient. In buildings that do not have radiators, no extra pump and mixing unit is required since the convenient settings can be accomplished at the heat source.

7. Where can I buy Flooré’s products?

Please see www.floore.se or contact us and we will help you find a retailer close to you.

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